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BootUp Professional Development

Proud Gold Sponsor of the Innovations conference.

BootUp Professional Development is a nonprofit organization providing support for districts who seek to implement elementary computer science initiatives. We partner to create custom implementation programs and provide the professional development, curriculum, teacher modeling, coaching, and PLC support needed to develop complete and sustainable elementary computer science programs.

BootUp Professional Development has prepared over 250 teachers and impacted over 110,000 students nationwide. Our largest districts have included up to 64 elementary schools and our smaller more rural districts have had as little as three elementary schools. Through our research-driven professional development initiatives, the team at BootUp is committed to providing equitable access to computer science. As former public educators, our professional development facilitators are lifelong learners, deeply engaged, and passionate about what they do. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our status allows us to focus solely on BootUp’s mission and vision.

More information is available at www.bootuppd.org